Only excellent leaders produce excellent results

why extraordinary leaders are not nice, but inconvenient

Leadership online training with one of Germany’s Top 100 trainer.

Find answers to the biggest leadership challenges. How do you achieve and overachieve your goals?
– The performance of some team members are unsatisfying – again and again. What can you do?
– How do you create an ever learning environment for your team?
– How do you leave mediocrity behind and lift off for peak performance?
– The pure amount of work is growing and becoming more and more complex. How to reduce it to an amount you can manage successfully?
– Internal fights happen daily with our organizations. How do you overcome them and create a climate of cooperation?
– How do you develop a deputy who really saves you time and efforts?

The leadership training is based on the German book “The boss nobody liked – why excellent leaders are not nice”. It illustrates that excellent leadership is not always nice and friendly, but often inconvenient – for the leader and for the team members. Then, and only then, a leader’s results can be excellent.

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With this online seminar you can dive deep by repeating selectively specific video impulses.
Thus, you increase your learning and your success.

What would it be worth, if your key performers stayed one or two years longer in your team?
What would it be worth, if your low performers started to engage themselves again?
What would it be worth, if your team started to learn daily from failures and successes?

Excellent leaders produce excellent results. Good leaders produce mediocre results.

To which group do you belong?
To which group do you want to belong in the future?

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Leadership Online-Training

Markus Jotzo, born 1968. His aim is simple: more excellent leaders, less bad and mediocre.
Markus Jotzo himself experienced and suffered enough by the bad kind of leaders.
Markus played handball for many years. He therefore knows how important it is to make a clear statement.
At the same time in handball you can only win as a team. Just like in an enterprise.
In sport, you receive immediate feedback: do you score a goal or do you concede a goal?
Unfortunately, in business this immediate feedback is happening rarely.
This, however, could change the game. Because human beings are capable of bearing the truth.
This hurts sometimes, this is not always nice to hear, but important for the employee, the team and the company.Markus Jotzo is the owner of the institute Markus Jotzo Leadership Development in Hamburg.
For his clients he worked in 16 countries in 3 continents.
Markus lives in Hamburg, Germany, together with his wife and his two children.