Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about OnlifeClasses Academy’s online seminars. If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, please contact us per email or through our contact link below.

When does my online seminar start?

As soon as you want it to! You decide when your online seminar begins. As soon as you complete the registration and payment for your course, you are ready to go! You will receive a welcoming email for your course, and from this point on, you will begin receiving daily emails from OnlifeClasses® linking you to your course material. You will also have access to all of your course materials and videos for an additional six weeks after the course is completed. This enables participants with busy schedules extra time to complete the course, and it enables participants who would like to explore the course material more deeply extra time to repeat seminar modules that they found particularly helpful. Our Tip for You: Check your schedule when planning to start your course, so you can find the best time to begin. This will make your learning experience even more enjoyable and effective!

How does the online seminar work?

As soon as you have completed the registration for your course, you will receive an email with your Welcome Video and additional information about how to access your course material and videos. You can access your course either through this link or directly from the OnlifeClasses® website. After that, you will receive course input six days per week over the course of six weeks.

Do I have to complete the exercises within a certain time-frame?

You will experience more success with your seminar if you regularly participate in and fulfill the course modules. We recognize, however, that this is not always possible. That is why we designed this course so that you will be able to access it six weeks after the entire course has finished. This enables you to go at your own pace and fit your own personal needs. The best way to effectively approach the course is to regularly schedule a date with yourself for your online seminar. Just keep going, and you will be successful!

What is the weekly schedule of the online seminar?

Each week begins with an introductory video. This is followed by daily impulses in the form of videos, motivational cards, exercises, or other written material. The use of different media encourages a more intensive and varied learning experience to help you better retain and apply the course material. You will find more information about the individual online seminars in the description of each seminar.

What results may I expect from my online seminar?

The online seminars from OnlifeClasses® combine an active learning experience with expert teaching to help you develop in the areas that are important to you. Whether in your professional or private life – you will find valuable suggestions and inspiring advice on how to improve your skills, meet professional challenges or bring your personality to shine. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation. As in everything in life, what you get out of your online seminar depends on how much commitment, time and energy you are willing to invest in the course. Our online seminars show you many ways to improve your life. Take the first step – and your success will follow.

How much does my online seminar cost?

For six weeks of intensive classes and an additional six weeks access to your course, you will only pay € 349.00 (incl VAT). Included in this price are all of your seminar videos, motivational cards and other course materials.

How do I pay for my online seminar?

You can easily pay for your course with your credit card, with PayPal or by bank transfer through the very secure Digistore24 online shop.

What materials will I need for my online Seminar?

The materials you will need for your online seminar will be different depending on which seminar you choose. In the introductory video and course materials, your expert trainer will let you know what you will need for the course including if additional materials are necessary. Otherwise, you will receive everything you need online as the course progresses.

Are there any prerequisites that I need to have in order to participate in the online seminar?

Yes, curiosity and a deep desire to learn and succeed!
If you are looking for valuable suggestions to improve your skills on the job or in private, if you are curious about learning new and exciting information and developing your skills – then the online seminars at OnlifeClasses are just the thing for you. Simply be curious, attentive and open to fascinating information from recognized experts – there are no other prerequisites!

May I take my online courses with friends and family?

Absolutely! It’s actually to your advantage to take the online courses at OnlifeClasses as a group. Sharing ideas with friends and family can deepen your learning experience and help anchor the content of your seminar even further. So grab your friends, family, colleagues or fellow students and exchange information about your online seminar with them and discuss the content of your course. You’ll be glad you did! Also, we offer a discount to groups of five persons or more. If you and your friends qualify, please contact us directly, so that you can get started at our special group rates today!

Can I take my online seminar from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Simply register and participate – wherever you are. If you have an internet connection, you can take the online seminars at OnlifeClasses!

When is the deadline to sign up for my online seminar?

Since the online seminars start individually according to your schedule, there is no deadline for registration. You may start any time you please. As soon as you register, your seminar begins with your welcoming video and daily input, six days per week, over the course of six weeks. Even if you have to interrupt your seminar due to holidays or illness, you may continue as soon as you can get back online. The course materials will be available to you for a total of three months, so that all of your scheduling needs can be met.

Are discounts available for special groups?

The prices for our online seminars are very carefully calculated, and it is not possible to get an individual discount. We do have special offers for organizations that register five or more participants for one online seminar and block prices for groups are possible. Please feel free to directly contact us about your needs.

After the six-week course is over, can I still access my course materials?

Yes. The online seminar runs over the course of six weeks. The course videos and materials, however, are available for you online for an additional six weeks. This means that you will have access to your course for a total of three months. This enables participants with busy schedules extra time to complete the course, and it enables participants who would like to explore the course material more deeply extra time to repeat seminar modules that they found particularly helpful. Unfortunately, after the three months are over, you will no longer be able to access the course materials.

Who may I contact if I have further questions about my online seminar?

If you have not found the answer to your question here, please send us an email or give us a call. We’re here to help!

I registered and paid for my online seminar, but I cannot attend it. How is that regulated?

If you have questions about your registration or payment, please contact us per email, so that we can answer your questions and find solutions for your personal situation.

Is it possible to give a friend or loved-one an online seminar as a gift?

Absolutely! OnlifeClasses® Seminars make very special gifts for very special people! Make a friend, colleague or loved one happy by giving him or her a very special gift that has a lasting effect: a coupon for an OnlifeClasses® online seminar! Through their chosen seminar, they will experience more joy and success — and have you to thank for it! There is no better gift than that!

Is it possible to confirm that I have completed my online seminar?

Yes, at the end of your online seminar, you will receive a certificate of participation which you will be able to download in .pdf form. In addition, you will receive our OnlifeClasses® seal in .jpg format, which you can also use to show that you have completed this course.

What do I do when my login doesn’t work?

Each time you login to your account, you will need your username and password. You will receive this information in your welcome email. If for some reason you cannot access this information, you may quickly and easily have it sent to your secured email address by clicking on the text “password forgotten”. You will then be sent the login information you will need to reset or create a new password. Our Tip: Write down your login information and store it in a safe and secure location — then you will always have access to your account without delay.


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