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OnlifeClasses: The Online Trainings that Help You Excel

In this day and age, lifelong learning is essential. Rapid technological advances, globalization and restructuring in organizations make it necessary to continually learn and to develop your skills. As necessary as it is to continue to develop, however, many people find the idea of lifelong learning tedious and unpleasant. They associate learning with complex teaching methods, boring seminars and painful PowerPoint presentations. As a result, the desire to learn and the curiosity for new information are often left by the wayside, leaving the chance to experience new adventures and to expand personal horizons far behind.

Revolutionary Learning with Online Trainings from OnlifeClasses Academy

Each seminar at OnlifeClasses Academy has been specially designed to help you get the most out of each course. Our stress-free learning environment is optimized to help you gain and retain the maximal amount of information without using laborious learning methods. In addition to inspiring videos, you will receive pertinent information and valuable tips to help motivate you to succeed. Our special formula Top Topics + Top Trainers + Daily Input = Your Learning Success is all wrapped together in an online course with a live seminar feel. This pioneering and powerful combination is our specialty — and your advantage. You will receive innovative ideas instead of the same-old information. You will be motivated and encouraged to actively participate, and you will be challenged to think critically about the status quo. OnlifeClasses Academy provides you with a truly unique learning experience.

Six weeks Online Training – six weeks learning experience

Research has shown that in order to learn and retain new information at a permanent level, it is essential to work on the new information or practice the new habit for at least six weeks. After this time period new thoughts and habits become solidified. This is the reason that we have designed all of the courses at OnlifeClasses Academy to be six weeks long. During this time our experts will step-by-step guide you on a learning adventure you will never forget. Each seminar is clearly structured and divided into “digestible portions” which will not only fascinate but also awaken your desire to learn more. Your course begins with an introductory video which explains what you will be doing in your six weeks together and what you will need for the course. After that you will receive daily exercises and impulses that will guide you toward a deeper understanding of the topic and how you can implement the topic in your everyday life.

Learning for Life – the issues of our Online Trainings

The Online Courses from OnlifeClasses Academy are designed and made ​​for people like you who are looking to grow and develop their personal and professional skills: People who are looking new ways to excel and who are looking to be inspired and motivated, people who do not want the same-old webinar format, but want a new, proven way of learning that is guaranteed to help them succeed. Our OnlifeClasses courses are intended for life. This is why we have focused on subjects hit close to home, subjects that will help you in your development for your life.

Top Trainers for Top-Seminars – Our Online Trainings Experts

Our Online Trainings are conducted some of the top experts in their fields. Experts like Laura Baxter, Ilona Lindenau, Gerriet Danz and Markus Jotzo bring together years of experience, research and know-how. And now, for the first time, we offer you their experience and knowledge in this very special online format. Whether you are interested in motivation, communication and creativity, personal development or leadership presence, our courses and our experts are guaranteed to excite you and to help you on your journey.

Our Tips

Weekly Food for Thought from our expert trainers! As part of each Onlife Class you will receive four inspiring downloadable quotes from our top experts for your use and to share with others. These are designed to motivate you and to help keep you moving toward your goal.