The Idea behind OnlifeClasses® Online Trainings
The Future of Learning

Intensive, interactive, and experience-oriented learning without having to leave your home or office and without expensive travel and hotel costs. You receive six weeks of daily input by experienced top experts. Real-life topics that match your interests and needs and enrich you both professionally and personally. With this approach, the online trainings at OnlifeClasses® Academy offers you the learning concept of the future!

Until now online trainings have followed a very typical and somewhat rigorous format which has been used predominantly to acquire very specific knowledge. This format was ideal for the teaching of very specialized knowledge, like, for example, foreign languages or technical skills, but not ideal for teaching life skills, business soft skills and personal development. Our goal here, at OnlifeClasses® Academy, is to fill this gap, to create personal development seminars that move and inspire you to succeed. We have designed our seminars and trainings to be challenging, exciting and true-to-life. From the first moment, you will be engaged in creating your own personal future, your own development.

So, what are your needs and desires?
Would you like to further develop your skills to have more success?
Are there goals you would like to achieve, but you’re not sure how?
Would you like to be more creative or more charismatic, more self-assured?
Would you like to experience a new way of learning and developing with more freedom and flexibility than ever before?
Are you looking for a way to develop your skills, but you don’t want to have to visit expensive seminars to do it?

Welcome to OnlifeClasses® Academy, where we can help you achieve your goals and dreams through this new, very special online training format.

How does it work? The idea behind the OnlifeClasses® online trainings is very simple and compelling:
Our online trainings are real seminars that are not limited to passively listening to information with the hope that you will retain it. Our seminars are designed to give you an interactive, diverse learning experience. Over the course of six weeks, you will be immersed daily in a wonderful learning environment of entertaining videos, inspiring texts, and practical exercises that will lead you and help to grow and develop. In addition, you will continue to have access to your entire seminar for a further six weeks after your seminar is over. This enables participants with busy schedules extra time to complete the course, and it enables participants who would like to explore the course material more deeply extra time to repeat seminar modules that they found particularly helpful.