True presence

The Art of Being Authentically Charismatic

Online Training True Presence on Presence and Personality

Would you like to remain calm, centered and focused — even in very difficult, stressful situations?
Would you like to emote a confidence and presence that will win over others with your personality?
Would you like to bring more clarity and stability into your life so that you better understand your goals and your life’s purpose?
To walk into a room and to be taken seriously by everyone there.

In this online training with performance expert and “Stage Queen” Laura Baxter, you will experience how you can win over others with your own authentic, magnetic personality. True Presence means being able to be in the here and now, being able to remain centered and focused — even in difficult situations. True Presence means being able walk into a room and own it! Have everyone in that room feel your presence. True Presence means finding and following your life’s purpose, and being able to deeply connect with those around you.

Who is the perfect Participant?
If you would like to understand what it takes to exude presence or if you feel like you would like to have more clarity and a stronger sense of purpose in your life, so that you can reach others in a more profound way, then this seminar is for you.

Do I need to have previous experience in presenting or in creating presence?
No. This seminar is ideal for both beginners and for more advanced students of presence. Because the exercises are designed for you to go at your own pace, you will discover new things about yourself no matter what level you are at.

What is the goal of this online seminar?
To help you on a journey which guides you from feeling less secure to exuding an irresistible presence. To show you how to walk into a room, to feel secure in who you are, and to be taken seriously by everyone around you.

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6 Weeks that will Change Your World

Week 1: During this week, you will discover how to connect to your inner self.
Week 2: In week two, we explore how to stay centered and focused — even in difficult situations.
Week 3: During this week, we begin to explore your own personal history to begin to discover your life’s purpose.
Week 4: We will explore your values to see how they can help you grow and develop a sense of clarity and purpose in your life.
Week 5: During this week, we will look at what it takes to connect to others and to the room, to exude charisma — to own the room.
Week 6: During week six, we will bring everything together — help you connect to your inner presence while owning the room!

To find out more about True Presence and how you can achieve it, sign up for Laura Baxter’s True Presence seminar here at Onlife Classes today!

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69.- €

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[teaser_white]“Thank you for the wonderful seminar! My team learned so much about their presence and presentation skills, the voice and what emotions they create in their audience!”[/teaser_white]
Henning Schwartz, Project Manager, Siemens AG

[teaser_white]“I can recommend this training to everyone who wants to improve his or her presentation style. You reached each and every participant at his or her level, and the practical exercises and tips greatly benefitted us all. Many Thanks.”[/teaser_white]
Birgit Wilke, Managing Director, Wilke-Manaco

[teaser_white]“Based on my experience in coaching with Laura Baxter, I highly recommend a voice or presentation training with her to anyone who is in the public eye! “[/teaser_white]
Dr. Florian Rathe, M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S.

[teaser_white]“I would like to share with you the feedback from the participants on your lecture and workshop: ‘Applause’ ‘Unique personality! Super!’ ‘Wonderful Speaker, who mixed serious content with a lot of fun!’ ‘Very impressive woman!’ ‘Extraordinary personality!’ ‘Top Speaker … more of that!’ ‘A very impressive woman!’ Thank You for being there.”[/teaser_white]
Karina Riechers, FORUM Institute for Management GmbH

[teaser_white]“At this point, once again many thanks for the great seminar. It was a lot of fun AND I learned a lot. I often think of the exercises and tips you gave us.”[/teaser_white]
Anne Hamann, Executive Management, Bayer AG

[teaser_white]“Laura Baxter is the first person I recommend to my clients who want to expand their speaking to the international level. Her knowledge of how to own the stage and meet the cultural and language challenges is second to none. She helps her clients master the stage with ease and be the star they are meant to be!”[/teaser_white]
Greta Andreas, CEO, GoldenGap Speakers Agency


Online Training True Presence on Presence and Personality

Laura Baxter is the performance expert on Presence. Through her work on and off the stage, she has been studying the effect of the voice and the body in relation to non-verbal communication and people management for over 25 years. At age 21, she was the first recipient of the Louis Sudler Award for the Arts at Emory University, and subsequently has performed not only on the stage, in radio and television. Her program „The Art of Song“ with William Powell was recorded and broadcast nationwide by National Public Radio. On the wide screen Ms. Baxter debuted as the singing voice of Serena Joy (played by Faye Dunaway) in the feature film “The Handmaidʼs Tale”.

In addition to her performance career, Laura Baxter was on the vocal faculty at the renown Duke University and has been on the faculty at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, since 1999. She has directed and conducted over 30 musicals and is a member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). In 2011 she won the GSA Newcomer Casting Award with her Keynote Speech “The Power of Presence!” Ms. Baxter is also a member of Speakersʼ Excellenceʼs Top 100 Trainers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. She is co-author of the book Die besten Ideen für mehr Humor (“The Best Ideas for more Humor”, GABAL Verlag Top Speakers Edition, 2013).
Through her work as an opera singer and director, she has observed what it takes to own the room, and now, for the first time, she is bringing her knowledge and experience together in this amazing introductory online course.